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Daniel Lansky


Daniel has over ten years of brokerage experience in futures markets, spanning a number of different energy related products. Mr. Lansky has conducted futures and options business on behalf of a diverse array of clients including large commercial and industrial clients, hospitals and nursing homes, investment funds and investment banks.

Bob Mcann

Senior Vice President

Bob has twenty five years experience in energy trading and brokerage with an extensive background in management of energy commodities price risk and has held several senior positions at various Fortune 500 energy companies. Mr. Mcann also has extensive knowledge in the areas of demand-side management (DSM), marketing, market research, customer care, business and economic development.

Charles Bedo

Executive Vice President

Charles has more than thirty years experience in leading and facilitating diverse groups of people to achieve common goals. Mr. Bedo's background includes corporate strategy, business development, marketing, M&A, portfolio management and development of retail energy business units in deregulated markets throughout North America.

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